In Loving Hands Pet Care
Adventurous Off-Leash Trail Walks

If you live in Oakland or Piedmont and are looking for fun filled adventurous off-leash dog walks, then you will want to hear about this wonderful service.

Hi, my name is Sheryl Seravina and I am the owner and operator of "In Loving Hands Pet Care". I love my job and have an extreme compassion for animals so therefore your pets are in the absolute best lovings hands. I have 11 years experience with off-leash trail hikes. I have perfected my operation with my major focus on the safety of the dogs and cater to their special needs to ensure they get the most out of their walks. So if your dog loves to chase balls, I make sure I have plenty of those on hand. If your dog loves to play with other dogs, I have a mix of small, medium and large friendly, non-aggressive dogs so your dog can play in a safe environment.

This is how it works: I pick your dog up at your home and we head up to the Oakland hills for a hike in one of the East Bay Regional Parks. My van has been converted so it is very spacious, padded, and air-conditioned for maximum safety and comfort. The dogs can be safe and have room to play even in transport. We go for a minimum of an hour hike and I carry plenty of water with me to offer the dogs. I keep a constant watchful eye on all the dogs to make sure I know exactly where they are at all times. Upon return I make sure the dogs are clean and if needed will hose them off a little and towel them dry. I even check for foxtails between their toes! The entire trip, door to door, takes about 3 hours. For new dogs I have a barrier in my van so the new dog has their own space to adjust to the group.

I would love to hear from you and talk to you about your dog. I do free in-home consultations. You can reach me at (510) 501-5100.

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Sheryl with Mabel, LuLu & Bette
Contact Me:
Name: Sheryl Seravina
Phone (510)501-5100